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Reserving the house means you get full privacy of the place and we will not accept other reservations in the dates you have chosen even if you do not rent all the rooms.  Choose between our self-catered stay and bed & breakfast options for an unforgettable stay at Frangeli House.

Our 7 rooms can accommodate a max of 21 persons on the 2nd floor.
The spacious 3rd floor dorm has 18 twin beds separated into 4 areas by ceiling to floor drapes.

Rent the whole house and its gardens for a unique kind of staycation in the mountains.  Have full access to our well-equipped kitchen and you won’t want to leave anymore.

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For your family, out of town guests, or suppliers, we’ve got 7 rooms and 18 dorm beds for them to choose from.  Each one will get a delightful 3-course breakfast served with only the best local brewed coffee or tea.

*Only available with an accompanying event

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Review our 2nd floor bedroom and 3rd floor dorm bed layout to set room and bed assignments for everyone.

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Frangeli House Baguio Dorm
Frangeli House Baguio Room 7

Tranquil Green Spaces Matched With Luxury Living Spaces

Pamper yourself with comfort, privacy, and greenery that’s so hard to come by.  Stay with us awhile. Choose from the bed and breakfast option accommodation for you and your event’s guests or our self-catered stays for your vacation in the mountains.

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Our Rooms & Dorm

Frangeli House Inside Oct 11

Pamper yourself with comfort, privacy, and greenery that’s so hard to come by.  Stay with us awhile.

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Frangeli House Inside Oct 1


Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, a quiet walk around your own private gardens, board games to play with family, bonfire for those chilly nights after walking around Baguio City, Frangeli House has it all.

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Front Garden Drone

The Gardens

Developed into a lush paradise from a sparsely wooded hill, we want you to experience real urban green living at its finest.

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