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What's Included?

Exclusive use of the area

Areas available for the photoshoot:

3 large gardens
living room
dining room
wrap-around terrace
grand staircase
2nd floor living room
2nd floor wrap-around balcony

Bedroom/s available with additional charge
Minimum of 2 hours

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  • Minimum 2 hours per booking.
  • An excess of 15-35 minutes will be considered half an hour extra; 40 minutes or more will be considered an additional hour.
  • Use of one bedroom for the shoot or as changing area is P500
  • A P2, 000.00 per hour charge for shoots that will entail the use of additional lighting equipment requiring use of electricity.
  • For big photoshoots over 40 people or for more than 8 hours, please contact us for a different quotation
  • Any shoot from 9pm to 6am has an after hours charge of an additional P500/hour.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Location Shoot General Guidelines:

  • No photo, video, or film shoot will take place without the written permission of or agreement with Frangeli
    House management.
  • The count of hours will start from the ingress of the parties, including the set-up and preparation of the parties to be filmed or photographed. The end of the count will be when all members of the set are ready and packed up.
  • All shoots must not in any way tarnish the image and name of Frangeli House.
  • Please segregate all trash while in the premises.  Big amounts of trash (i.e. food delivery, props, etc.) needs to be taken out of Frangeli House after the shoot.
  • Frangeli House staff will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to property and harm to persons during the shoot.
  • The production crew and Frangeli House must bring all gadgets and equipment out of Frangeli House’s premises upon the agreed time of egress. Failure to do so will mean a fine of P1,000.00 per hour.
  • No member of the Frangeli staff may be filmed without their prior consent.
  • Lighting equipment and other gadgets may not be set up in a manner that will damage Frangeli House’s property. Always carry the furniture, do not drag across the floor, and always put back to its original position.
  • A copy of the script and the shooting schedule must be submitted to Frangeli House management prior to the shoot.
  • Areas open for photo and video shoots are the ground floor (living room, den, dining, 2 large gardens, bonfire area, glass gazebo, parking/basketball areas, staircase, and terraces).  An extra P500 will be charged for the use of each bedroom for the shoot.  The kitchen may also be used but guests would have to bring their own props for it as it will be available bare.
  • Any shoot from 9pm to 6am has an after hours charge of an additional P500/hour.
  • Damaged fixtures and/or lost Frangeli House property during the course of the photo or film shoot shall be paid for by the guests/renters.
  • The use of Frangeli House electrical equipment or appliance for props will be charged P 500.00/hour.
  • No fires (bonfire/fireplace) are allowed from 12am-6am for safety reasons.
  • The following rates will apply to film shoots: (Different rates apply to TV or movie shoots)
    P50,000.00 per 12- hour use in a day
    P5,000.00 per consecutive hour of use in a day

Photoshoot Booking Form

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    To be validated by FH staff
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  • Please enter a number from 1 to 40.

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

*For film shoots, a 50% down payment and P25,000.00 security deposit are required for reservations.  The remaining amount shall be paid before the start of the film shoot. Any additional charge, damage or loss to property, equipment, and fixtures and storage fee for unclaimed catering materials/equipment/garbage shall be charged to the security deposit. If the damage is more than the security deposit, the client will have to pay additional charge. The full amount or the remainder is refundable within five (5) days after the event.

For cancellations a month before the film shoot, the full reservation amount and security deposit will be refunded.  If cancellation is done less than a month prior to film shoot, the full security deposit and 50% of the down payment will be refunded.  If cancellation is less than a week prior to film shoot, client will get back the security deposit but the down payment will not be refunded.