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What's Included?

Exclusive use of the area

Areas available for the photoshoot:

2 large gardens
living room
dining room
wrap-around terrace
grand staircase
2nd floor living room
2nd floor wrap-around balcony
den (for preparations)

Bedroom/s available with additional charge
Minimum of 2 hours per shoot

Photoshoots 2024
  • Weekdays are Mondays-Thursdays and weekends are Fridays-Sundays.
  • For big photoshoots over 40 people or for more than 8 hours, please go to “TV & Film” under the Photo & Film menu.
  • Please click on the Guidelines tab above to view complete details.
  • Additional bedroom for shoot only is P700

Location Shoot General Guidelines:

Time Management:
– Any excess time between 15-35 minutes will be considered as half an hour extra. For 40 minutes or more, it will be considered an additional hour.

Operating Hours:
– After-hours shoots before 6 am are temporarily unavailable.
– Shoots between 6 pm and 8 pm are considered after-hours and will incur an additional charge of P500 per hour on top of the hourly rate.

Reservation Fee:
– To secure a schedule, a non-refundable deposit of P2,000 is required.

Authorized Shooting Areas:
– The approved shooting areas include the ground floor (living room, den, dining area, wrap-around patio), two gardens, driveway, and the second-floor balcony, hallway, and terrace.
– A supplementary fee of P700 will apply for the use of each bedroom during the shoot.

Commencement of Hours:
– The timing of the shoot will commence from the arrival of the parties involved, including setup and model preparation, or 15 minutes after the scheduled time, whichever comes first. This is to avoid delays and scheduling conflicts.

Equipment Setup and Furniture Handling:
– Lighting equipment and other devices should be set up in a manner that does not damage the property of Frangeli House.
– Please wrap metal stands with cardboard, cloth, or tape before placement to prevent damage to wooden floors.
– If furniture needs to be moved, kindly seek assistance from a Frangeli House representative. Certain items are delicate or heavy and may harm the floor. Always carry permitted furniture and avoid dragging them. Ensure that they are returned to their original positions.

Waste Management:
– While on the premises, please segregate all trash. Large amounts of trash, such as food delivery packaging and props, must be removed from Frangeli House after the shoot.

Liability and Consent:
– Frangeli House staff will not be held responsible for any property damage, loss, or harm to individuals during the shoot.
– Filming of any Frangeli staff members requires their prior consent.

Image and Reputation:
– All shoots must uphold the image and reputation of Frangeli House.

Equipment Removal:
– The production crew is responsible for removing all equipment and gadgets from Frangeli House’s premises at the agreed-upon egress time. Failure to do so will result in a fine of P1,000.00 per hour.

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure a smooth and respectful shooting experience at Frangeli House.

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