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Things to Remember

just a few things to remember to keep your stay stress-free

The Bed & Breakfast option is for the room hire only plus a breakfast for event holders at Frangeli and their guests.

We will only open the particular bedrooms requested by the guests. We will also set up the number of beds according to the number of people checked-in at the dorm, if any.

The house is exclusively for you and your guests’ use only. If you will not get all rooms, we will lock the ones you will not get to maintain the privacy of your event.

All rooms have a ceiling fan, an ensuite bathroom, towels, hand towel, body wash, and shampoo.
Parts of the house that may be accessed: dining room, living room, 2nd floor living room, and the 2 gardens.

Check-in time is at 2:00 p.m. while check-out time is at 11:00 a.m. We do not have 24-hour check-in.

Request for early check-in is subject to room availability. You may leave your luggage in the office if room is not yet available.

Checkout after 11 a.m. is subject to charge, which is P100.00 per person per hour.
Early check-in will be charged the same.

Meals may be enjoyed in the dining room or al fresco on the ground floor veranda. Eating inside the bedrooms is not allowed to discourage vermin and insects.  Breakfast is included in the rate posted above.
For extra breakfasts, these are subject to availability. Checked-in guests: P550/person; Outside guests P650/person.
For parties with less than 25 guests, a hearty 3-course breakfast with a choice of hot beverage will be served the day after check-in. For parties of 25 and up, a breakfast buffet spread will be prepared instead.

The discounted rate of the bed and breakfast is only for the event period of the night before and the night of the event.  If guests want to stay more than 2 nights, we require a minimum of 4 rooms to be booked to get the bed and breakfast rate. Otherwise, the self-catered stay rate will apply. The 25% down payment will be required to book the additional nights.

The room assignments must be sent over more than 1 month before the check-in date to give us time to check the availability,  compute, and send back the total to be paid. You may view the room and dorm layout at

We will only pencil book the days specified in the details for booking. This is not held indefinitely. Please inform us of your approximate intended number of rooms and dates as early as possible to have a definite reservation.

Full payment for the rooms are due 1 month before the check-in date.
If booking 1-3 rooms only and/or there is no overlap with another event’s accommodations, no need for a downpayment.
However, if booking more than 3 rooms immediately preceding or following another event, a 25% non-refundable down payment is required for 4 rooms.

Rescheduling is dependent on the availability of the place.
Please check your event guidelines for rescheduling terms.

Rooms may be canceled up to a week before the check-in date. After this 1 week period, guests will be considered as no show.
For those with more than 3 rooms, the 25% reservation down payment will not be refunded.
Early departures are also non-refundable even for multiple reserved dates.
Room cancellations due to natural disasters or personal emergencies with proof may be reviewed. The amount paid may be placed into a hotel credit that may be used at a later date.

Renters who fail to show up on the reserved date or cancel within a week of check-in will not receive a refund.

Wifi is available for your use. Please ask for the password from the front desk.

Books, magazines, piano, and board games in the living room are for your enjoyment.

Please drop your room keys at the front desk when you leave the house.

Because water is a precious resource, please help us conserve it. Also, please turn off the lights when leaving the room.

Please let us know if you need new towels and/or bed linens.  To save on water and electricity, please hang your towels to be re-used on the towel holders.

We will not enter the rooms for cleaning unless specified. Please inform us if you need the room cleaned during your stay.

FH is a bird and ecological sanctuary.  Offensive, loud, and intolerable music/ noise will not be allowed in the venue at any time. Offenders will be warned. FH will be compelled to shut down the power supply and the sound system in case of non-compliance.

In consideration of our neighbors, as per agreement with the barangay, and in compliance with the Baguio Environment Code, loud noise or music will have to be toned down by 7:00 p.m. All noise, and music will end at 9:00 p.m. Quiet hours in residential zones in Baguio are 9:00pm-6:00am.

Gates will be locked at 12 midnight. Checked-in guests who would like to come home later, please inform the FH staff.

Up to 5 day guests are allowed for our guests from 2pm (check-in time) to 11 pm the night before the event. On the day of the event, day guests (ie. entourage and other event guests) may come in as early as the start of supplier setup time up to the end of the afterparty at 11:45 pm, if any. The day after the event, if guests are still checked-in, day guests may come in as early as 8am until check-out time at 11am.

If additional rooms are needed for day guests, please inform the FH staff.  This is subject to food and room availability.
If they wish to stay past 12am, they will be counted as checked-in guests and the rates above will apply. This will be charged to the security deposit.

Parties that require catering and/or the use of a rented sound system and/or lights and/or have more than 10 outside guests attending are not considered under bed and breakfast arrangements.  If you wish to use the house for another party not on the day of your initial booked event, you may inquire about our events rates.

Baguio is now officially a non-smoking city. Smoking, especially inside the house, including in the guestrooms, is not allowed for health and safety reasons as well.  Any evidence of smoking in the rooms or inside the house will result in a P5,000 fine that will be deducted from the security deposit.

Pets are not allowed inside the house but are welcome in the gardens and the tiled areas of the first floor.  A maximum of 2 dogs may stay outside at the covered patio or porch in a crate or tie-out leash at night.  Guests must be responsible owners and clean up after their dogs during their stay and dispose of waste properly.  Failure to clean up will result in a P1,000 fine. A cleaning fee of P5,000 will apply if pets are placed inside the rooms or the house.

Guests may request for the bonfire/fireplace to be lit at least 20 mins before their desired time.  There is a P500/hour fee for the use of these and only FH staff may light it.  The bonfire and fireplace may be lit between 7am-12am only due to safety reasons.

We have provided containers for recyclable dry papers, tin cans, plastic, and glass bottles under the stairs on the second floor and in the kitchen.  Guests are requested to follow barangay and city of Baguio ordinances to segregate all waste items into biodegradable (nabubulok) and non-biodegradable (hindi nabubulok).

Damaged linens, furniture, and fixtures will have to be paid for based on our estimated value of damage or loss.

Firearms are not allowed in the premises.

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