The Gardens

Back Garden


Event Area: 18m x 15m
*Please refer to attached grounds layout for exact measurements

Bonfire Area
Arch trellis for flowers
Sunset and mountain views
Bougainvillea cascades from the 2nd floor balcony to first floor patio
Views of East, North, to West

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Get lost in our own patch of nature

perfect garden parties & weddings

The garden closer to the house is 18m x 15m and can comfortably fit up to 150 guests.  It is bordered by a pine, evergreen, and the wrap-around patio.  The view from the garden includes the house’s terrace and pillars with a cascade of pink and white bougainvillea from February-May.

Weather permitting, vibrant sunsets of pink and orange over the mountain can also be seen clearly from here. Keep warm and toast some marshmallows in our bonfire area and maybe you will be lucky and see hundreds of fireflies around the trees starting October-early December.

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We are located in Baguio a small mountain town north of Manila in the Philippines.

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