The Gardens

Front Garden


Event Space: 33m x 15m
Full Space: 40m x 15m

Rectangular grassy lawn
Lush vegetation around
Closed during the rainy months of July-October

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Be surrounded by nature

the epitome of an outdoor events venue

Our largest garden can accommodate up to 150 guests with a lot more space to spare.  This grassy field is bordered by dense araucarias, Baguio pine, willow, and paper trees.  Purple, yellow, and red flowers brighten up the space and the walk down from the driveway.

It is commonly used for wedding ceremonies before transferring to the back garden for the reception.  Some guests also prefer the area for their reception because the greenery here is more abundant than the back.

The front garden will be unavailable for events during the rainy months of July through October, as well as during other months when the garden is excessively saturated by rain. However, you are welcome to use the area for photoshoots on the event day itself, while the main event must be held elsewhere to ensure the comfort of your guests and preserve the beauty of the location.

Additionally, we are pleased to inform you that we have completed the installation of grass pavers on the walkway leading to the garden. The primary area of the walkway will remain covered with lush grass.

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We are located in Baguio a small mountain town north of Manila in the Philippines.

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