Baguio City is situated 1,400 meters above sea level and nestled among the Cordillera Mountains.  This means a cooler climate compared to other parts of the archipelago.  This lower temperature makes it a go-to destination for garden parties and events especially since its just 4 hours away from Manila.  It does also mean afternoon rains due to the heat from the lowlands in the summer months so you should make informed decisions regarding the month you want your wedding or party to be, especially if an outdoor event is what you really want.  Mountain weather is usually very different from what most people are used too in the flat lands like Metro Manila.  Although there is no definitive way of making sure of pleasant weather for your special day, here are some tips per month to lessen the likelihood of an indoor event.


Frangeli House Baguio
The front garden. This setup styled by Efren Bacawat was for a ceremony with 90 guests.

One of the most coveted months, January means more of the people you want to come could take extra time off work right after the New Year break.  The weather is 9 times out of 10 dry and cool so it’s also bonfire, fireplace, and smores season. The throngs of families that came up to visit from other parts of the country have now left making it easier to go around the city especially in the last 2 weeks of the month. 


Frangeli House Baguio 01
The back of the house with all the flowers out.

Arguably the coldest time of the year now in Baguio after January, February is booked very fast. Aside from the cold weather that is so hard to come by in this tropical country, the flowers are all out in the garden, including the towering bougainvillea vine we have draped over the second floor balcony.  This is one of the 4 months that have the least amount of rainfall.  Just remember that this month is also the start of the Panagbenga or Flower Festival plus the Philippine Military Academy Homecoming.  This means the flowers will be twice the price and the heavy traffic will be out of the ordinary. 


Frangeli House Baguio 3
The house from the back garden on a sunny summers day.

The driest month would be March, the middle of summer in Baguio.  It will be hot under the sun especially if you plan to have a morning wedding or a lunch reception so don’t forget to arrange for a tent so your guests are comfortable.  The gardens are the most beautiful as it will be surrounded by all the flowers in full bloom and the Eugenia trees will have their fiery orange leaves out in display.  The bougainvillea from the balcony is the brightest and pinkest it’s been all year.  The grass in the garden won’t be as lush as it is in November and December but we try and keep it in tiptop condition as much as we can.  The Panagbenga closing ceremony will be around the 1st or 2nd week of the month so there is still be some traffic but not as bad as February. 


Frangeli House Baguio
A morning ceremony at the front garden. Photo by Owen and Nikka Photography.

By this month, the balcony bougainvillea flowers are still out and beautiful providing a magnificent backdrop for photos and the reception at the back garden.  By the 2nd or 3rd week of the month, there will almost be definite afternoon light showers so morning weddings are recommended.  If not, a 1pm garden ceremony then an indoor reception may be done.  If you really want a garden event, make sure to eye a supplier for your tent beforehand and keep an eye out for the weather forecast.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have your day on those few days without rain.


Frangeli House Baguio
An indoor reception after an outdoor ceremony in anticipation of afternoon showers.

The saying May showers bring spring flowers actually makes sense even in Baguio. There will almost definitely be rain in the afternoon but bright sunny mornings with blue skies.  The bougainvillea flowers would start to go but the margarets and rosals will still be out along with other seasonal flowers that bloom twice or 4 times a year.

June, July & August

Frangeli House Baguio
A foggy wet afternoon during these months makes you want to grab a book and cocoa in front of the fireplace.
Frangeli House Baguio
An indoor reception with elegant banquet style tables for an intimate party of 25.
During the rainy months, we allow 60 guests to setup inside our spacious living room which can accommodate 60 people, with much space to spare.

Almost as sure as it is sunny in March is it as rainy in these months.  This is the reason behind our 60 guests limit from June to October.  You may still use our gardens but just in case the gardens are too wet or muddy for a comfortable event, you are most welcome to use the grand living room.  It is spacious with views of the mountains, sunset, and back garden.
Enjoy Baguio free of traffic as most vacationers tend to come only during weekends and only a fraction of the number of cars that come in December-March.  We replant new grass during this time to make sure the gardens are always pleasing to the eyes and well-maintained.

September & October

Frangeli House Baguio
The back garden in the morning is perfect for pre-wedding pictures. Photo by El Garahe Studios.

The 50:50 months.  It’s usually very quiet in Baguio during this months.  The weather is pleasant but with a few scattered showers.  It became very unpredictable these past few years for these months, almost including November to their group.  The gardens are lush from the rains of June and July, making the garden the greenest its been all year.


Frangeli House Baguio
A November afternoon wedding at the front garden for 120 guests.

The start of the busy season, November guests enjoy an almost untouched garden after resting for almost 6 months from big events.  This is also the start of events with 150 guests.  The grass is fully grown again after the grass we plant in June takes root.  By the end of the month, the eugenia trees with orange and yellow leaves take centerstage at the front garden and the mandarin hat flowers become a perfect red-orange backdrop at the back.  Enjoy cooler afternoons and evenings as the amihan or northeast trade winds start to arrive and will stay until February.


Frangeli House Baguio
A few minutes before ceremony starts at the front garden. Your guests will be shielded by the willows, araucaria, and eugenia trees from the afternoon sun.

The most wonderful time of the year? This may be one of the driest and coolest months of the year, along with January and February.  Apart from perfect weather, your long awaited cousin,  tita and tito will make it back from overseas for your event… and Noche Buena.  The traffic may be heavy but one of the perks of being just a few minutes out of the city center is you won’t have to go through it during your stay.  No noise and air pollution during the holidays.  Just the whole house and its two large gardens to yourself and your family.

Although there is no exact science, we hope you take these tips and insights to choose the best month for your vision of a perfect event.  Also, there are numerous hourly weather forecast apps and sites you can check so you’re prepared no matter what mother nature throws at you. If you’re worried that rain might put a damper on your day, worry not as we have our Plan C.  (Plan B being you have a tent.) Stay tuned for a detailed write-up on our indoor event option when the skies do open on your booked date.