Baguio is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines due to its pleasant climate during the summer months and the cool Ber months.  Nowadays, temperatures have gone up considerably compared to the 70s and 80s.  Because of this warming, there has been a spike in the number of mosquitoes. You cannot prevent them from gate crashing your event since you are in their habitat.  However, you can do some (or all) of these simple steps to minimize mosquitoes in an outdoor garden setting:

Frangeli House Front Gardens 0

Time and area

In Baguio, mosquitoes come out at 4pm-6pm.  In Frangeli House, they come out at these times in the front garden since there are a lot of plants.  Plan around this and have the ceremony there at 2:30-3:30pm, canapès inside the house from 3:30 to 4 or 4:30pm, and hold the reception at the back garden with the view of the sunset from 4-9pm.

Mosquito-free Garden EVent


In case of receptions starting from 4-6pm, you may choose to have the bonfire lit at the back garden for an hour or two.  It not only completes the Baguio outdoor ambiance, help keep your guests warm, it also keeps the event bug-free.

Mosquito-free Garden EVent

Design and function

Incorporate citronella candles as decors on the tables or the aisle.  They not only ward off these pesky insects, they also look and smell good.  Plus points for ambiance.

Frangeli House Baguio

Reception and table goodies

Have a table before the front garden with mosquito patches or insect repellent lotion.  Some guests have also placed them on the reception area with a cute note telling them to share with people at their table.  You can even use them as part of their giveaways.

Remember that we are an eco-sanctuary and do not allow spraying of chemicals around the garden.  These chemicals will not only kill off the mosquitoes, but also butterflies, moths, bees, and other pollinators that make our garden as beautiful as it is. Even these mosquitoes are food for the many species of birds and animals that live in our little green space.  Making little adjustments can make a world of difference for your event and the creatures in our garden.