Planning a party for that milestone in your life?  Get inspired with these ideas that are not just beautiful ways to say thank you but useful and good for everyone.  This is a sure way for your guests to remember you and your event.

Wildflower seed bombs

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Spread your love for the environment with these bundles of joy.  Even non-gardeners would love the idea of tossing these colorful handmade balls into empty lots or fields during their road trips.  Making these seed balls is fast, easy, cheap, and also very customizable.  Just mix natural clay with compost or potting mix and lots of seeds of local flowers and roll into balls and let dry.  You can place them in molds for a variety of shapes, have different colors by mixing colored papier-mâché, and wrap them in an assortment of fabric of your choice.

Not into arts and crafts? Package edible beans in mason jars or a mixture of flowering seeds in personalized brown paper bags.

Potted Succulents

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These are some of the most popular favors today.  It’s Instagramable, you can incorporate it to the table centerpieces, have different varieties and colors, plus suppliers for it are everywhere.  You can buy it from your local orchidarium and pot it yourself in mismatched and rustic pots for a personalized gift, or get it online from small local sellers that would do it all for you.

Potted flowers

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Cut flowers are beautiful but only for a few days.  Instead of using all cut flowers for your decorations, place some potted flowers so they double as décor and giveaways.  A couple even used their homegrown orchids as giveaways for their beautiful greenhouse themed event.

Tree seedlings

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People generally want to do good by planting trees but usually put it off. Making it easier for them to do so will not only make your giveaway good for the planet, it will also make it memorable.  Your guests will always think about it every time they see the grown tree that was a seedling from your event.

Reusable items

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How about trendy mason jars that guests can pick up during cocktail hour before the reception?  Maybe add in some metal straws they can take home to bind that rustic garden country theme while they refill their jars with fruity brews.  Not feeling the rustic theme?  Ramp it up and have champagne flutes, wine glasses, or whiskey glasses for whatever you fancy for your gin, wine, or whiskey bar.  Just don’t forget to have boxes for their unique take-aways after the party.

Local organic delicacies or handicrafts

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When you buy local, you not only support businesses and workers but also cut the emissions of the delivery trucks that will ship your giveaways.  It will also help bring together your event’s theme.  Examples would be hand-made organic soaps or sanitizers with herbal essences from Amparo’s Apothecary for the rustic theme; hand-painted original watercolor artwork on magnets, pins, or mugs from Pinsel Arts; bottled local honey from Kerobee Farm; or local organic tapuy (rice wine) or strawberry wine from the market.


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Photo credit: The Knot

Let’s be honest.  Most of the event giveaways you received were just placed in a pile never to be used again.  Instead of contributing to your friends’ junk drawer, why not give to a worthy cause that you and your partner believe in?  How about donating to charities close to your hearts like a local shelter, orphanage, or a forest reserve?  You can also add another twist by making your guests choose which charity they would rather give to, for example, the bride’s choice or the groom’s.

Sometimes, all you need is a little imagination and you can do away with the usual giveaways. We know there are about a million other useful things out there you can personalize as your own but always think about: where it comes from, how it’s made, and how you can lessen the wrapping for it.

Now, with all these awesome favors, you’ll need to organize more parties!  Find out openings in Frangeli House’s gardens by sending us a message at Maybe send some ideas of your own while you’re at it.

Photo credit: Unsplash